New UPDATE Called – Site Diversity Update

Google regularly updates its algorithms to better provide users with search results that satisfy what they are searching for. It is truly at the heart of what Google does as with better search results, Google and its partners are able to more effectively market to its audiences.

Google Announces Site Diversity Change to Search Results

Like every update, Google makes an announcement with little detail regarding how it will impact pages and reiterate Googles best practices to be found. This coincided with an additional update on Page Diversity that offered a little more explanation from Google.  Here at Boston Web Marketing, we wanted to write a blog on the Page diversity update and how it may be impacting your websites search results.

Page Diversity

From additional industry resources and Google, itself, it was noted that this recent update was going to increase the diversity of pages that would be found in Search Results. What does page diversity mean exactly? Google referred to page diversity as pages, not from the same domain. You may have seen this in a search result in the past. You enter a query and there are multiple web pages from the same domain/ website. This is what Google wants to fix.

While this update will impact search results for pages showing up on the same search results, it is not always the case. If the algorithm deems both pages as relevant to the query, it may still register in the search result.

Sub Domains

If your website has a blog set up, this may impact its search results. Googles update sees sub-domains as a part of the main domain. But again, as mentioned above regarding two relevant pages, Google reserves the right to have a sub-domain and main domain within a search result.

NGRTeam – Google Partner

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