Designing a website that customers will love shopping at

Success in internet business depends very much on the quality of a business’s website. A good website goes a long way in promoting a business. A lot of people don’t realize how important a website’s quality is to their success in online business and hence they don’t spend much on their websites. Nowadays, you can get a free website or have one designed at a very low price. You can save some money by getting a website this way but believe it or not, you won’t earn much from it. The key to successful online business is getting your web design right from the start.

There are many things that combine to make a good business website. Your website should have all these things balancing out. One of the important factors you can never overlook is the overall appearance and feel of your website. Some people however put a low premium on the visual appearance of their websites simply because they have hired an internet marketing agency South Carolina to market their businesses.

As any internet marketing agency South Carolina will tell you, the appearance of your website is very important. It goes without saying that most people would be more attracted to a beautiful webpage than a bland one even if both have the exact same contents. Your webpages should create a lasting impression on visitors because this will encourage them to come back.

Nevertheless, even as you are encouraged to create attractive webpages, you should be careful not to overdo it because that would have the opposite effect. Sometimes people try too hard to impress their audiences with so many unnecessary bells and whistles. Webpages that have a lot of scripts, graphics, videos and animation load at slower speed than lean pages with HTML and CSS only. You may not have an issue with this if you have a good internet connection and enough time to wait for your pages to load but many surfers don’t. A good number of potential customers are therefore likely to click out of your website when the pages are taking too long to load.

Another reason why you don’t want too much stuff on your web page is to avoid obscuring important content. You don’t want to lose a customer simply because he/she couldn’t locate the shopping cart icon sandwiched between flash animations.

Simple methods of increasing traffic to your website

The internet is full of websites, hundreds of millions of them and still counting, and each websites hopes to attract as many visitors as possible. A website can only serve its purpose if it is getting constant traffic, unless of course it is a secret or restricted site. Owners of business websites need even more traffic because they want to sell and make profits. Websites owners often hire search engine optimization services to increase the number of users visiting their websites. By making use of SEO services you can greatly increase your website’s visibility hence bringing in more traffic. You can also supplement the search engine optimization services and increase your web traffic even more using very simple tactics.

One of the tactics that will increase the number of people using your website is to make it interactive. An interactive website is good for web traffic for a number of reasons. First of all, its interactive features encourage users to spend more time on the site. In addition, people are more likely to return to the website if they find its interactive features interesting. It will not cost you much to make your website interactive. For instance, you can have a chat feature through which users can chat with each other in real time. Your regular visitors will encourage their friends to join the site so that they can chat with one another. You can also add a forum where users will post comments to which others can reply. If you build interactivity into your website you will certainly attract and retain more people.

The second tactic that you can employ is to focus more on the areas of your website where visitors spend most of their time. For this you can use readily available tools like Google Analytics. You can alternatively ask your search engine optimization services provider to help with this. As such you’ll be able to determine the parts of your website that draw most of your visitors’ interest and then make them more prominent. This will help in presenting the more attractive sections of your website in a way that will draw visitors’ attention instantly. Many website owners focus too much on the number of visitors clicking on their websites without asking what these people do while there. It’s important to figure out what most of your visitors are interested in, make it more prominent, and if possible cut out the areas that draw least interest.

The third tactic that can tremendously help to improve your web traffic is blogging. This is something many people seem allergic to yet it’s a powerful way of marketing your website. Perhaps the reason why many people shy away from active blogging is because it demands time and effort. Those who do it consistently reap good rewards though. You can start your own blog or participate in existing ones. The important thing is that you must share quality informative contents that many people will want to read and hopefully create links to. If you acquire a good reputation as an industry expert in a well respected blog you are bound to find many people developing an interest in your services as well.

So, besides paying for search engine optimization services which is good, try these also tactics and you are certain to see your traffic shooting upwards.