Organic SEO – A Short History…..

Most new website owners undoubtedly view online marketing as a novice business challenge. However, the essential link between business and marketing is the same whether it is on or off-line. As is stark clear in the “real” physical world, unless your online business bears an intelligent, well thought out strategy of marketing, success will always be beyond your grasp regardless of industry.

Not so long ago, even as the internet’s popularity and place in society grew in leaps and bounds, advertising by way of TV and radio was still considered to be the most relevant and effective way to advertise. It was widely believed that if you were serious about being a business person you had to be willing to invest in television and radio advertising. Nevertheless, willingness is usually determined by position and with regard to television and radio advertising, you had to be in a position to be able to pay the hefty advert fees. Fellows who couldn’t afford TV adverts resorted to cheaper forms of advertising, like print, for example. The internet has however established itself as a staple part of most people’s lives and by vigorous tweaking of the elements, SEO marketing has become the most powerful yet least expensive means of business promotion.

From the absolute beginning, SEO marketing was a thing that was essentially free. SEO gave birth to the theory that exposure wasn’t purchasable; earning it was the only route to getting to it. Through the process of optimizing the online presence of a website it became possible to appear on the landing pages of Google, or Bing or even Yahoo, thus attracting multitudes of visitors every day. However, since SEO was free, many of the available search engines came up with their own alternative – Pay Per Click, or PPC. With PPC, the website owner was liable to paying for each click made by each person visiting the site. The thing with PPC though is that paying for each click is compulsory, even when a sale doesn’t materialize, effectively making it potentially very expensive. The challenge of getting online visibility organically without having to fork out money as in the case of PPC kind of left most website owners in a dilemma. With this came the fellows that tried to trick the system, hammering out as many fancy shortcuts as they could. There was considerable success but there was a catch to it – the success was always temporary. Further, when the search engines discovered the trickery, the penalty exacted was perpetual.

The history seems a little grim but that’s because it is intertwined with Pay Per Click. On its own, organic SEO lacks the grim elements, even in its history. The fact that for this approach to marketing you mostly earn your presence and clout in the internet rather than purchase it injects a kind of honor that’s rare in today’s world. Come to think of it, its tenets sort of echo traditionally cherished values, where your sweat and grit are responsible for how soundly your empire is built.

Choosing The MOST suitable Organic SEO package For Your Business.

Usually when you want to enhance your ROI, hiring the services of a professional and reputable SEO company is the way to go. However if your SEO knowledge bank is thinly stocked and you bear few clues on which SEO techniques to apply and how to do that, or how to revise your site so that it achieves a status that helps it become more search engine friendly, it is an imperative thing really to settle on the most suitable SEO package for you and your business. These packages not only fit the affordable bracket, they also serve to complement most of your marketing steps and strategies. The vitality of employing search engine optimization strategies cannot be understated, and keeping this in mind, several SEO companies provide a diversified range of SEO packages. There’s considerable detail served with the packages thus making it easy to settle on the package that most flatters your business.

Packages for SEO ranking purposes start off the list. When it comes to these, general SEO packages are by far the most prevalent. These packages basically promote organic development and growth of your traffic that’s unpaid to automatically elevate your sales. The packages come with monthly analysis reports that include detailed analysis of the performance of the site, competitor analysis, aid with one-way building of links, propping up and creation of articles of relevance, press release creation and distribution, and social bookmarking. The strategy that these packages use is direct, and works by helping you to stifle your competition so as to increase the profit column size.

SEO companies offer packages for social media marketing. The pool that contains the reasons why these packages have drawn so much popularity is a vast one indeed. Social networking sites grow in popularity day by day, blogs have almost replaced all other forms of writing and literature, online communities keep growing in size and number and the presence of interactive media (purely for marketing purposes) grows ever more solid by the day. These packages usually work best for dating and relationships sites and sites that are affiliated to colleges, universities and other institutions of learning. They also thrive in (and are recommended for) sites that call for a large scale involvement of the community. These packages validly promise targeted and instant traffic.

Then, there are packages for social submission. For the business owner that is keen on long term benefits, these packages make a whole lot of sense. More time is taken in comparison to regular clicking but at the end of the day, these packages help to rake in more profits. Appropriate and relevant article submission draws in traffic that’s looking for the specific product you are looking to sell.