This 2020 ..Focus Below 5 POINTs

Anchor Text;-

The ( Anchor) text of your back-links influences what keywords you rank for we follow a tested and proven formula for choosing anchor tests – 73% Importance.

Topic of Webpage;

The more relevant the webpage, the better the link. When choosing of creating pages to link to your website, this should be kept in mind – 66% Importance.

Type of Link;-

Contextual, footer and sidebar are the 3 types of links. We primarily focus on contextual which is links from within articles and content. but it is important to have a variety. – 31% important

Onsite Optimization;

This involves letting search engines know exactly what your website is about  – 8% of project

Back links;

The most important part of the process and vital for ranking higher in search engines. This involves building links to your website. – 75% of project


If you successfully have on-site optimization and back links, you will have visitors on your website. Conversion is about making it easy for those visitors to become leads e.g. calls or online appointments. – 17% of project