Content Marketing

We will develop a unique and brand-conscious strategy content for your business.

Content Marketing

In order to catch the attention of and engage your target market you need to share with them contents that are relevant, authoritative, valuable and unique; this form of online marketing is referred to as content marketing and it’s widely regarded as one of the most effective marketing techniques available today. Content marketing plays a crucial role in the marketing cycle i.e. that of educating, enlightening and guiding prospective clients, and ultimately persuading them that your company’s products and services will make for a much better return on investment as opposed to the competition’s. Further, content marketing is intended to capture, engage and retain the target market’s loyalty through the regular issuing of consistently valuable information.

Successful Content Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Difficult but Does Require Strategic Thinking

A wide range of options is available for information sharing including e-books, case studies, blog contents, white papers, video, articles, etc. The content marketing specialists at NGRTeam, the no.1 Digital Marketing Agency USA, are adept at creating compelling contents that will boost your website’s ranking on the search engines, increase the volume of traffic to the site, and eventually help you to make more sales and revenues.

Approach us if you:

  • are frustrated about your site’s inadequate traffic and quality leads
  • need to heighten brand awareness
  • need to initiate lead nurturing so as to steadily increase sales volumes
  • need to build/maintain a competitive advantage via a top-notch inbound marketing strategy
  • need your keywords to rank better on the search engines (improved SEO)
  • need to establish stronger loyalty bonds with your clients
  • simply don’t have time to create content
  • need professional site, blog and social media content management
  • need to substantially lessen the complaints and queries raised by your customers

For your content marketing project we’ll do the following:

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Create a content map
  3. Create and manage a content calendar
  4. Conduct interviews with your subject matter experts and/or clientele
  5. Copywrite and design blog posts, articles, e-books, videos, etc
  6. Submit these contents for your approval
  7. Insert the call to action and design the landing page
  8. Initiate content promotion via your site, email, social media

What types of contents can NGRTeam create for you?

  1. Articles – Irrespective of your business domain our content writers will expertly create authoritative articles for you
  2. Blog posts – Our content writers will come up with blog posts that will positively influence the value clients esteem you with and also help your site to rank higher
  3. Social media content – The contents created will facilitate target market interaction on Twitter, Facebook, etc, and also help in link building
  4. Website contents – These will be optimized for the search engines but will primarily serve to attract and engage the target audience as well as to establish your brand’s value
  5. Marketing contents – To further strengthen your content marketing efforts we can regularly issue mobile content, email marketing content, newsletters and press releases
  6. Infographics (information graphics) – Here we can graphically and visually represent aspects of your business’ products/services, data, industry trends, etc, in a manner that your target market can clearly comprehend and recall
  7. Marketing videos recording and editing – This is whereby your business/brand concept, products/services portfolios and benefits, as well as other business-related communications, are effectively presented to the target market in the form of engaging videos created by our in-house designers, script writers and animators.

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